Diksha Girls Campus

North Bihar No.1 Girls Campus

( Girls Hostel With Study Center )

About Us

Our Campus

Diksha Girls Campus was started and operates with the prime purpose of building young minds to spearhead a dynamic future globally. Diksha Girls Campus vision is to be the epitome of excellence, stimulating, trusted and safe learning environments, embedded in Indian values, while creating independent thinkers.

At Diksha Girls Campus, the emphasis is on building the right foundation for the child every day through play activities and collaborative group work. Highly trained staff, premium child-friendly infrastructure, an acute focus on quality control and evaluation ensures a high-quality experience for children and their parents at our preschool. We believe that each child is unique and we aim to help them become happy, social and confident children.

Director’s Message

M.K Nirala | P. Nirala

Children are at the heart of all that we do; by carefully nurturing, we encourage, confident, happy learners who are excited about the world they live in, are free to explore and observe the environment and use the learning resources to enhance their understanding, imagination and creativity.

Our Campus is child centric and emphasizes on experimental hands on learning activities such as art, craft, music, dance. An amazing team of experienced teachers groom their individuality and social adaptivity. Our aim is to help children grow into their best selves while preparing them for a bright schooling in future.

We strive our best to equip and set a solid foundation for our students to take on the challenges of this highly competitive 21st century.


To enable, enliven, and improve childhood by encouraging the development of the mind, body, and spirit, which will assist kids in becoming lifelong learners.


To Support Youthful Personalities In A Socially Proper Climate And Give Open doors That Will Assist Them With understanding Their Actual Potential.


To Furnish Every Kid With A Socially Suitable Climate, Virtues, Love And Security Required For Sound Development Of Body, Psyche And Soul.

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